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Where the Light Goes

Where the Light Goes is a short film about the presence of depression and anxiety

pooped out into an epileptic, anxiety-inducing 45 minute long film. Do not watch if you have epilepsy or pre-existing mental conditions.

Subject to release in 2021.

The Cave System Episode 1

A 10-minute long "talkshow" about the cores in Portal 2 and how they function or

contribute to Aperture. Play Portal 2 if you're interested!

Subject to release on December 2020.


A 20-minute long SP inspired thriller short film. Be sure to look through every corner.

If you choose the wrong door, it will be the last decision you'll ever make.

Subject to release 3 months after the release of The Stanley Parable Ultra Deluxe.

Exemplo Trailer  2 - Escape is Impossible

BradyAUS Allegory 2 - Confusion

BradyAUS Allegory 3 - Door Clicking

Exemplo Trailer 3 - Last Time...

Exemplo Trailer 4 - Complete Distraction